Bitcoin Quest is a brain twister, by solving it you get bitcoins.

The Quest Have Started!

The Quest Begins!

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With the help of the hints you will need to find a chain of 12 English words giving you the access to bitcoins within the Electrum wallet. To take the money, you need to transfer the coins to your own address.

In the day when the quest take place, I publish a renewed version of the above picture. Words should be seen with the help of zooming.

ATTENTION: The 1st Quest date has been moved to 15th of May! Also, the Quest prize fund received additional 100 USD! Read more.

What’s a seed? It’s that string of 12 or so words many bitcoin wallets use to generate their keys. If you have the seed phrase, you have the wallet, and its BTC balance. The words to the seed phrases will be hidden in the picture. Find the words, figure out the seeds, check if you’re correct by entering them into a wallet app, and the BTC in them is yours. Then, quickly move the coins to your personal BTC address.

The first one in the chain is always marked with ”N1” sign:




Somewhere near the first word of every SEED a special mark shows the way to the next word:

Then you move arrows the last word. of every SEED which is marked with a star:


The first quest was held on Bitcoin news outlet form 1st till 3rd of January 2017. You can use this picture to train toyrself to solve the quest riddle.

Now quests will be held on this site exclusively, so I could give away bitcoins with no restrictions, in a hardcore manner.

The next quest will start at the end of April. A general sponsor of the quest is ”Rates.Guru” exchanges analyzer.

Thanks to the RatesGuru website the prize fund just received a sum of 500 USD! This will allow me to give away 10 prizes 50 usd each to all who wish to participate! Sing up for updates and dont miss the e-mail with date and time of the quest beginning!

For participating:

  • Please, install the Electrum wallet onto your computer (I do not reccomend you to use a mobile version of the wallet, because it has been created not so long ago and has some performance issues on weak phones);
  • Create a new Wallet (aka new wallet account) and then write the given SEED on a paper (if this is your first experience with this wallet, don’t worry — you have a chance to learn how to use the SEED and see for yourself their true destination and how they work);
  • Copy one of the addresses given by the wallet into a separate text file.

For now, this is it. If you experience troubles with this particular wallet, which is highly questionable to happen, please, use search in order to find more info or just don’t hesitate to write your questions to my e-mail. Next:

  • Press the left mouse button on the quest-picture, which you’ll find within the special page on the next quest date, now its 1st of May. In the newly opened tab there will be a full-resolution JPG image (just wait for a bit while it loads)
  • Press the right mouse button on it and choose ”Save picture as…”, your PC will prompt to save the file somewhere on your hard drive;
  • open the picture using Krita, Photoshop, GIMP, MyPaint and similar ”professional” analogues of such software (you can try other ones but they can be laggy with that large JPGs)
  • Use zoom (Ctrl + or Ctrl and the mouse wheel) to search for words;
  • Every first word of every SEED has a ”N1” mark somewhere around;
  • Every last word of every SEED has a STAR mark somewhere around;
  • The picture may contain more than 120 words;
  • By zooming the picture to the appropriate ”depth”, you can observe ”arrows”, they point the direction to where you should look for the next SEED word;
  • Such arrows can be of a different shape and size, be a part of the surrounding scene or contrast with it;
  • Some arrows are not so easy to find, so be attentive and patient;
  • Sometimes other tips are used instead of the arrows. For instance, some words are marked ”X2” which means such word is a part of two separate seeds and you should choose your path carefully.

The prizes

The amount and the size of the one each prize depends on the quest fund. Anyone can become the sponsor and appear within the quest picture and here on the site. You can discuss the terms with us via e-mail (at the bottom of the site).

Besides that, Im selling the picture via an auction. In case of success, half the money will go to the prize fund.

The next quest starts at the end of April. If you would like to get a notification 24 hours before the quest begins, please, sign up.

What is a SEED?