Bitcoin Quest is a brain twister and a contest for the faster ones. By solving it you get bitcoins.


With help of the hints I will cipher Bitcoins in every new picture dedicated to the Quest. You need to visit this site when the Quest takes off, download the picture of 10 000 x 7 000 pixels size, and find the correct sequence of 12 words giving you the access to Bitcoins within the Electrum wallet. To take the prize, you transfer the coins to bitcoin address that is under your control.

At the starting date, I publish the picture with the words ciphered in it. You can search for the ”bitcoin backup phrase”, or ”SEED” in it using ‘zoom’. To find out more about the interesting way to win bitcoins, please read:

How to participate and use the SEED recovery phrase?

The prizes

The amount and the size of the each prize depends on the quest fund. Anyone can become the sponsor and appear within a quest picture and here on the site. You can discuss terms with me via e-mail (at the bottom of the site). The minimum input to the quest prize fund is 750 USD.

Besides that, Im selling the picture via an auction. In case of success, half the money will go to the prize fund. The prize fund will be bigger and bigger over time to make the Quest participants able of driving their way to the place they really want to be, leaving their usual world at lest for some time.

The sponsor of the first Quest was Rates.Guru exchange analyzer:

Thanks to the service, our prize fund aquired 750 USD, this allowed me to include 10×50usd and 2×100usd prizes in the first Quest that took place 15-22 May, 2018. Sign up not to miss the e-mail containing the next quest date and time, as well as the names of the new sponsors.