About the author

My name is Jeff Fawkes, I live in Russia and I fond of promoting BTC, MFC and some other cryptocurrencies. I don’t support ICO, Ether, ”blockchain startups” and other unuseful crap.

Among my ”merits” in the community:

  • More than 200 translated articles in Russian about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, including the interviews with Andreas Antonopoulos, Luke Jr, Roger Ver and other notable people form the crypto underground
  • More than 10 authorial articles in recognized Bitcoin press (in English)
  • More than 30 ”commercial” and ”heart-driven” drawings on the topic of Bitcoin
  • I have successfully gathered 27 BTC in one donation for the first Russian film about Bitcoin
  • I gave away 1.7 BTC on the 2017 New Year on the bitnovosti.com news outlet, when first tried out the Bitcoin Picture Contest idea.
  • I helped in promoting and developing cryptocurrency platforms and businesses (bitnation.co, hotmine.io, blockchain.info, bitnovosti.com, bitcoin.com, bitsonline.com)
  • No so often, I was consulting small business about how to safely and privately invest in cryptocurrencies, includig the personal security measures stuff
  • I plan to hold this Quest every month or two, always using the large A1 super cool drawings of mine
  • I draw, write, think of Bitcoin… circle repeats.