How to participate?

 What is a SEED phrase?

Also known as ”Bitcoin Wallet Recovery Phrase” ,it’s that string of 12 words many bitcoin wallets use to generate their keys. If you have the seed phrase, you have the wallet, and its BTC balance. The words from the seed phrases will be hidden in the picture. Find the words, figure out the seeds, check if you’re correct by entering them into a wallet app, and the BTC in them is yours. Then, quickly move the coins to your personal BTC address.

To keep the coins on the paper, the ”recovery phrase” is put down on a paper — this is the only way to restore coins in case of the device being lost. For example, this can look like:

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If you enter the correct 12 words SEED phrase in most of the Bitcoin wallets, not only Electrum or Cool Wallet S, you gain access to spending the corresponding coins.

 What do a Quest creator wants by doing all this?

My main aim is to give as much bitcoins as I can and teach everyone how to use the Electrum wallet, as well as other crypto related tools no one wish to tell you about like me. The glorious Electrum wallet is using the so called ”SEED” system of storing or restoring bitcons with a piece of paper, as well as Cool Wallet S and many other wallets.

All the next Bitcoin Quests will take place on this site. The very first ”independent”  Quest took place thanks to the exchange analyzer ”Rates.Guru”.

The essence of puzzles in the drawings will keep becoming more complicated. The drawing style will improve and change, and the amount of prizes will rise. Not bad, uh?

Now, this independent web-site will allow me to give bitcoins to people and educate them in a hardcore manner, where ”only the strong survive”.

There will be no limits and restrictions.

Also, the Auction is taking place in case a bitcoin millionaire wants to buy one of my drawings.

 What are the chances that you win money in a Bitcoin Quest?

Your chances to win lots of money will be big for long time since now due to the underground essence of the project.

I will publish Quest updates, useful info, and other stuff for your thinking and gettin rich. Thus, I try hard to enrich you through sharing knowledge and training. I don’t ask your donations to the prize fund, instead, I saddle your colossal winnings on the investors with a good taste.

 What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority or banks; managing transactions and the issuing of bitcoins is carried out collectively by the network. Bitcoin is open-source; its design is public, nobody owns or controls Bitcoin and everyone can take part. Through many of its unique properties, Bitcoin allows exciting uses that could not be covered by any previous payment system.

 Still have no Electrum Wallet?

If you don’t have an Electrum wallet by now, download it from the official web-site (free for any platform). If Leonardo DiCaprio will ever play a role in a cool film about Bitcoin, he will certainly use the Electrum wallet to build a sophisticated character. Want to try out some other Bitcoin wallets? Here’s the link, but I advice you to learn using Electrum first.

 How to find words in the picture?

The first one in the chain is always marked with ”N1” sign. You can see the examples from the 2017 new year Bitnovosti Quest that I did to promote Art within Bitcoin:


Somewhere near the first word of every SEED a special ARROW shows the way to the next word:

Then you move with the arrows till the last word of every SEED which is marked with a star:

GIRL, UPHOLD, TRIGGER – three last words from three diff. SEEDs

The test quest was held on Bitcoin news outlet form 1st till 3rd of January 2017, giving away 10 prizes 0.17 BTC each. You can use this picture to train yourself to solve the quest riddle (Beware! When clicking on the pic below the new window with 10 000 x 7 000 pixels image of around 14 Mb opens in a new tab):

Answers (for the training purpose only):

debris warm fold plastic join vehicle arrange easily trip option sheriff coil

17iuEFxdWERvevhr5PJr3F3i8mSN2M8a9y — 

gloom alley gown shallow idle situate ethics maze public deliver split battle

1GE6cHEwk1ksiR94B4ovfZXuEVc2YDGM8F — 

swarm huge swift choice rely vote bounce sea enemy warm again uphold

1Gh5cPxtZ8QmfeXyezEb12Dvj16YHtKwbr – 

layer month lion heavy enemy bar gravity shop repair tooth hunt thunder

1LMB6NZa5oTfdNLkqZZnL2hjpNZVg1311Z – 

tooth install master frog carry dilemma boat check foot powder fame trigger

159zZ5R85C8zwUWssdUfxTRYAuNBtMApMz – 

elder become pitch dentist early tuna column arena axis swear patrol stable

1MX6yV2aNYkERPE3zy7mniXtCnoipsignc – 

couple butter race kitten bachelor jewel power rice gospel patient ticket skate

13qZnLuGzqvwUgbRWzFW4fApUxke4cVyAZ — 

virus grunt giraffe peasant spread initial eager torch often blame crowd near

1EqKUnDqm51ycUKiNB4TU8STxdigwXA4su – 

spare parade salon sort aim believe link impose prepare average extra calm

13CJvFt8X9N2YbKn3N2aUXAkmaxr8CvNHQ – 

duty educate brass attitude design angle quiz lucky room vital cabbage girl

15ufEX3jBtTPFWywwLKU4k7qzMP7AHMfne – 

 To participate in a search you will need…

  • Please, install the Electrum wallet onto your computer (I do not reccomend using a mobile version of the wallet, because it has some performance issues on weak phones);
  • Create a new Wallet (aka new wallet account) by pressing the File–Create/Restore menu. Then, choose Standard Wallet. On the next step called ”Keystore”, pick the ”Create a new Seed” option. When it asks to ”Choose Seed Type”, allow for ”Standard”, not ”SegWit”.
  • Finally, write the given SEED on a paper (if this is your first experience with this wallet, don’t worry — you have a chance to learn how to use the SEED and see for yourself a true destination and how they work);
  • Now, you have your own HD Bitcoin wallet. In case you lose your device, these words will help in restoring bitcoins on another device. Never show them to people and never send over the Internet.
  • Copy one of the addresses given by the wallet into a separate text file.

For now, this is it. If you experience troubles with this particular wallet, which is highly questionable to happen, please, use search in order to find more info or write your questions to my e-mail. Next:

  • Press the left mouse button on the quest-picture, which you’ll find within the special page on the next quest date. In the newly opened tab there will be a full-resolution JPG image (just wait for a bit while 10 000 x 7 000 pixels drawing loads)
  • Press the right mouse button on it and choose ”Save picture as…”, your PC will prompt to save the file somewhere on your hard drive;
  • open the picture using Krita, Photoshop, GIMP, MyPaint and similar ”professional” analogues of such software (you can try other ones but they can be laggy with that large JPGs)
  • Use zoom (Ctrl + or Ctrl and the mouse wheel) to search for words;


  • Every first word of every SEED has a ”N1” mark somewhere around;
  • Every last word of every SEED has a STAR mark somewhere around;
  • The picture may contain more than 120 words;


  • By zooming the picture to the appropriate ”depth”, you can observe ”ARROWS”, they point the direction to where you should look for the next SEED word;
  • Such arrows can be of a different shape and size, be a part of the surrounding scene or contrast with it;
  • Some arrows are not so easy to find, so be attentive and patient;
  • Sometimes other tips are used instead of the arrows. For instance, some words are marked ”X2” which means such word is a part of two separate seeds and you should choose your path carefully.

 What should you do with the SEED that you’ve managed to uncover?

In the Electrum wallet which you have previously installed, press ”File”–>”Create/Restore”. The menu will show up that is similar to the one you saw when launched the wallet for the first time.

Here, simply choose ”Standart Wallet”, on the Keystore tab you choose ”I Aleady Have a Seed’‘. Then enter the words to the appropriate field, and if the SEED is correct, the NEXT button will light up as soon as you finish entering. Afterwards, you’ll see a new Wallet window where bitcoin addresses generated from this particular SEED show up. Your reward will be on the first bitcoin address on the Addresses tab. If you don’t see it, press View –> Show Addresses.

During the quest, you need to transfer that coins as soon as possible to another address under your control, for example, the one you have generated and stored in a text file during the first Electrum launch. You can use exchange deposit address, Mycelium, Bitcoin Core, etc.

Keep an eye on the site news to receive a notification 24 hours before the quest starts!  Use the e-mail signup form to receive Quest updates, interesting articles and lots of spam, ha ha ha!