How to participate?

My main aim is to give bitcoins and teach everyone how to use the Electrum wallet. This wallet is using the so called ”SEED” system of storing or restoring bitcons with a piece of paper. To store the coins on a paper, a ‘seed’ is being written on a paper — a special chain of 12 English words.

If a correct chain of 12 English words is entered, the wallet gives access to the coin spending.

If you don’t have an Electrum wallet by now, download it from the official web-site (free for any platform). If Leonardo DiCaprio would ever play a role in a cool film about Bitcoin, he would certainly use the Electrum wallet.

What should I do with the SEED that I’ve managed to uncover?

In the Electrum wallet which you have previously installed, press ”File”–>”Create/Restore”. The menu will show up that is similar to the one you saw when launched the wallet for the first time.

Here, simply choose ”Standart Wallet”, dont choose ”Segwit” addresses, only ”Standart”; on the Keystore tab you choose ”I Aleady Have a Seed”. Then enter the words to the appropriate field, and if the SEED is correct, the NEXT button will light up as soon as you finish entering. Afterwards, you’ll see a new Wallet window where bitcoin addresses generated from this particular SEED show up. Your reward will be on the very first bitcoin address on the Addresses tab. If you don’t see it, press View –> Show Addresses.

During the quest, you need to transfer that coins as soon as possible to another address under your control, for example, the one you have generated and stored in a text file during the first Electrum launch. You can use exchange deposit address, Mycelium, Bitcoin Core, etc.

Keep an eye on the site news to receive a notification 24 hours before the quest starts!  Use the e-mail signup form.