The lack of cryptocurrency understanding stands behind the falling crypto prices

You may have noticed that the crypto market has fallen during 2018, just like it pumped up during 2017. If you still didn’t recognize this ultra large pump’n’dump scheme, let me show everything to you without fog and manipulations.

No fog, no manipulations

The shitty crypto journalist sphere has been bloated with dirty assholes recently. The very same people who claimed the crypto tech is intended for helping people during 2014-2016, have started to claim that things like closed blockchains or ICO banks will rule the industry’s future. Journalists who betrayed their readers have started to spread fog and manipulations around their pieces.

Crypto veterans knew beforehand that the prices will fall

You may still be thinking that the bitcoin or the altcoin prices are a product of trading, mining, market demands and news? The truth is that crypto prices may very well be predictable as hell. Many of the news outlet editorials knew back at the beginning of 2017 that almost all the ICO ventures will fail. The journalists of the early era of Bitcoin all acquired their payments for the work only in Bitcoin. They store major funds in Bitcoin, like it and promote it in a circle of friends.

But when it comes to news stories and articles, sometimes, a journalist is ready to put some lie to the text and earn extra cash. In other case, Editorial Chief is glad to force staff member or freelance writer to add something to his story. But he will gladly put every penny received for the covert ad to his own pocket. Leaving the author with bad reputation and covering his own ass.

ICO overlords used to pay lots of cash to the crypto news outlets, especially the local ones. They made it all look like there’s hundreds of thousands of ”revolutionary” projects in existence. In fact there were only a few of them (just like now, just like always).

Token technical specs

Many investors went in a rush to buy all the cryptos possible during 2017. They didn’t bother to study the technical aspect of tokens that they buy. They didn’t bother to understand how the tokens work, how the blockchain work, and how Bitcoin itself was working for the last 5 years. Needless to say, 90% of that tokens are full of holes, empty promises and fancy bullshit. That’s joke coins. And the only thing you can do with such a coin is wipe your ass and throw it away.

The issue here is that me and many of the honest crypto journalists were promoting, in any way or another, many of the shitty ‘blockchain’ projects.

During 2017, corporations and banks bought large amounts of BTC and altcoins to make the hard on look unbeatable. The greed plays a huge role here. Many of the readers of different crypto news outlets wanted to get ultra rich just like Bitcoin’s early adopters did. Instead of just buyng BTC and waiting for a year or two, those people made the most genuine decision available for them – they bought lots of tokens and a little bit of BTC.

The majority of the crypto press editorials are greedy and think people owe them money, so they are trying to extensively charge it for the promo articles, and they even wont be checking your project, even if it looks like a classic ICO ponzi scheme. They will write about you even if this given ICO was made purely for one-time cash rush.

The most significant part here is that we now have a clear list of crypto traitors, which means – a list of coin outlets that take money for writing articles without mentioning in the articles that it’s not actually news, but paid content.

They write a disclaimer that people don’t read – that all investments are risky. Instead, they shouldn’t write that. They should write this – ”All ICO and blockchain ventures are 90% risky, which means you will lose 90 dollars out of 100 if you invest without pre-reading”. I think news outlets should really consider putting such a warning to at least half of ALL the articles, yeah. But the enhancement of the paid ones would be very good in the first place.

Leave your greed and turn the brain on

What is really important to understand: newbies wanted lots of cash and it is normal. Basically anyone coming in this field is coming for good money, not for some shitty libertarian ideology or anarcho-capitalism talking. That’s just the fairy-tales which large capital owners like Roger Ver or Barry Silbert use to look organic within the usually angry and poor international ”anarcho-capitalist” crowd.

No one needs libertarianism, or capitalism, or any other cash related ism. People want to survive and almost any person on the planet loves money and power, not the ideology and that’s normal.

But hey! Looks like the crypto field have build an illusion of money and power, like the Ethereum network. And they use the illusion to welcome new people to the field and steal dollars or bitcoins from them. In exchange for the promise that some shitty tokens, which are laughable for all the OG bitcoiners, will rocket to the moon in a year or two. They have forgot to tell people that almost all the tokens except for bitcoin have failed to gain strong decentralization and most of them went to Oblivion during the last couple years.

Right now, if you think that the crypto industry is the scammers den, you particularly right. But don’t miss the forest for the trees – not EVERYTHING in the crypto field is a scam. Many of the projects are legit, like, or Such projects offer comprehensive and well done services on top of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash blockchains.

And this is very cool and you definitely should try out. There are many other cool projects, like Mycelium wallet, Electrum wallet, Eclair Mobile BTC wallet, Samourai Wallet, MFCoin project, and others. You need to have a wide knowledge base and a past in the industry to invest in right projects. Please, hold the dollars and bitcoin to avoid the shitty ICOs. If you want to learn how to properly invest in cryptocurrencies and avoid being f*cekd, sign up for the updates on this website.

Stop, Stop… You didn’t tell us everything about the price.

What about the price? News outlets are responsible for hiding the truth from the people. The truth is simple – 2017 was the corporate party year. Corporations have created lots of ICO projects to clean their very dirty money. If you did investments in one of that projects, you helped them to rob you even more.

The real rulers of Earth do count that you wont blame crypto journalists or corporations and large traders in regard to the recent crypto price fall. They count on that you will blame Bitcoin, or the industry experts like me, or God/Devil (which is best of all). But the unfortunate truth is – industry’s experts don’t give any shit about you, they simply don’t have time or money to tell people that harsh truth that Bitcoin’s price was very predictable during 2017-2018. Not to everybody, but to some closed circle of editorial chiefs, exchange admins and mining corp. CEOs who used the knowledge about human behavior and large networks of fake news websites to manipulate the crowds and the token prices and gain unbelievable profits out of air. While, of coz, leaving the ICO rabbits out of profits without juridical responsibility, which is flawless in some dark way. You cannot replay the same invention twice, and the ICO rush only show that even fan support is useless when there’s no real invention and no real use cases.

I could write this article 2 years ago. But I have received too much knowledge to interfere. So, in some way, I was among people who knew that a bunch of covert bankers and their crypto press corrupt friends want to strike the crypto journalists and the newsfeed readers with fake data to easily collect cash. The paid news about shitty ICOs (where they wash their dirtiest moneypacks ever) were served instead of the real news.

That was done to seduce people to receive useless tokens in exchange for the precious BTC or ETH/XMR/ZEC. They know which coins worth collecting, so the ICO authors always ask either for BTC/BCH, or for ETC/ETH. The most advanced ones even use Monero or Zcash which is great too. When BCH appeared in the end of 2017, at the peak of the ICO rush, the ICO masters have started to collect it too.

By the way, did anyone told you that only Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Monero, Zcash, Cardano and MFCoin are the coins that will survive with 90% possibility? This list may be wider, depending on what is under development right now in your country of origin and when it will go public.

But Im not claiming that you SHOULD invest in the named coins. Im claiming that there are technical proves that those projects are longterm. In the same time, almost any ICO project had thousand red markings pointing to their harsh attitude to people and short-term profit goal. But BTC journalists kept silence. Well, not everyone, some people tried to help out, like the Junseths World podcast hosts or Bitsonline authors. Or the admins. But in most cases, we all do money here, forget the stupid libertarian fleur. But money is not something that cryptocurrency should be sacrificed for. So sometimes we make truthful articles like this one to add more hope for the scared newcomers.

What to do if you’re an altcoin collector?

In the future articles I probably will explain in details all the technical bullshit that ”blockchain projects” drop onto your ear.

If you think that you are 100% aware and confident about which coins are worth investing, just visit 5 to 10 sites with crypto news and look at what coins do they track on their homepages. Many of crypto news outlets have created a fancy little graphs for their mainpages. Despite that, they all have DIFFERENT coins to track. Understood? Each crypto news outlet has his own TOP 10 blockchain tokens. It usually starts with BTC (just to pretend they still care about the roots), and continues with shit like NEM, XRP or thousands of Ethereum’s ERC-20 tokens.

But ask yourself, how it happened that all the crypto news sites have different tokens in their TOP lists. While the editorials obviously know that there could be only ONE list of ”top cryptos”? Namely, BTC and other 3 to 5, maybe there’s even no need in top 10, we’ll do it with top 5 or top 7 actually.

However, half of all the presented tokens are a centralized. These are corporate PoS securities. PoS means Piece of shit, not Proof of Stake. Those online geeks all accept the mining based currencies (Proof-of-Work, or PoW) that are: Bitcoin, Zcash, Bitcoin Cash or Monero.

CEOs, PR gigs, coders, miners often use BTC and prefer to mine BTC. They prefer to store BTC and to pay with it. Many people in Japan and China do that with BCH. But no one pays for anything really important with IOTA, XRP or BTG, even if those tokens were created by magnificent people with strong faith in decentralization, privacy, and freedom from government control.

In case you are one of those ”last airbenders” who still keep coins like IOTA, MIOTA, LTC, XRP, SIACOIN, STORJ, LISK, just compare these projects to Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash and see the technical difference. First, the number of nodes. Second, the number of active users (yet, this is highly doubtful statistics since cryptocurrency is anonymous). Third, the number of miners in the network. Fourth, the acceptance and goals. Fifth, the code. And so on.

If you understand how the crypto work, you understand that some things just don’t work in crypto despite you really wish them to. The rich minority of crypto users knew that this will happen. And they made preparations, of course. The 2017-2018 rally was very funny thing, but the minority knew that the ICO bubble will collapse, they just didn’t care of the exact date and the consequences because they already have tons of BTC.

Honest people kept their mouth shut for benefits of different kinds. That vary from jobs to advisory status or large amounts of different tokens. It did work, and the ICO rocketed. But after 2 years, almost all the ETH is spent on drugs and bitchez.

Now its time to think about the real coin implementations, like Vitalik Buterin said. You think Vitalik didn’t know about the strong unavoidability of the ongoing crash? The author of Ethereum hardfork, who managed to overwrite the immutable and unstoppable blockchain, didn’t know?

But its too late, when we discover that 90% of altcoins are bullshit. How to concentrate on development of something that doesn’t really work? And how about smart contracts? The news say 90% of all Ethereum smart contracts are not smart, but written with the same code. This means that 90% of vulnerabilities that we haven’t discovered are there too.

So, now everybody pretend that they are very surprised that users take their money away from the crypto verse, and shift back to cash and bank deposits. Just look at the headlines:

This crap is not what the early crypto-anarchists were fighting for. As for now, just withdraw all your tokens and buy Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and three any coins where you want to lose your money. Maybe you’ll then get rich, who knows? Hhhhhh ha ha ha ha haaa, sorry, unbearable.

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