Quest Update

Quest Update

Hello, my dear friends.

There’s a necessity to write this short update regarding the quest. As it should be obvious, all the seeds from the first quest are solved. This is easily proved by the Bitcoin blockchain. The seeds was cracked during May 15-22, 2018. Since that time, I was involved in a number of biosurvival acivities, but the quest isn’t going to the Oblivion and is slowly develops.

Japanese people say that they solve difficult tasks in time because they do not ever prepare paper reports. According to the words of the most wise Japanese chiefs, while others write reports, Japanese has already completed the task. I don’t like to write big reports too. This means that Im not doing anything else right now.

So, there’s no shiny wording here about the salvation and my project. Everyone already know how good is it, that’s why they remain silent.

What’s new?

-Site redesign (good one, eh?)

-I search for the sponsors for the next quest

-I have created a cool infobot (Qbot) with many useful information about the field. The bot supports sins and updates often.

-New logo

-New educational articles and pics are coming

-New unpredictable BTC art is coming.


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