The exact time of the Quest Beginning!

Dear Quest participants! Today, 15 of May, 2018, 9:00 PM MOSCOW TIME a new awesome quest drawing will be published for you to uncipher the seed codes from it. Within the large A1 drawing of 10000×7000 px size, there are 10 seeds of 50 usd each and 2 seeds of 100 usd each, all this thanks to our sponsors, RatesGuru. The total fund of this upcoming quest is 700 USD in BTC. 

To gain access to the quest drawing, simply wait till 9:00 PM Moscow time and visit the Bitcoin Quest main page. You’ll need to download the picture by visiting a separate blog post entry in the UPDATES section of the site. Main page will contain link to that entry, for your convenience.

After you read carefully the instructions and download the 13 Mb JPG drawing, you can start searching for the seeds. If you have any questions, please, don’t hesitate to join the Telegram group and ask me any questions regarding the Electrum wallet SEED phrases or the Quest or anything BTC related. Ill answer asap. (RU|EN)


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