Updates about the new Quest date, increased prize fund and more!

Hey there, chosen ones! Yesterday, 26th of April, we supposed to begin the first Quest where you search my well detailed pictures for the SEED words and obtain coins on the corresponding addresses.

I will not be uploading the Quest picture with the seeds, because I figured out that I need to draw entirely new picture for the Quest to start. I need some time to make this new picture, so the Quest date has been moved to 15th of May. Also, our partners from Rates.Guru have added additional 100 USD to the prize fund to achieve favour of the public.

Important Updates:

1. Delta image scanning

Thanks to the audience of one of the two Bitcointalk threads dedicated to the Quest I found that one can use image editing software to compare the scan I showed to the public since the beginning of the project on 1st of April, 2018, and the end scan where the SEED words are added. This will obfuscate my measures of hiding the words, allowing few smart persons to easily grab coins while others keep searching in a hardcore manner.

In brief, it works like this:

image 1 minus image 2 = changes (10% or so)

This is the reason Im drawing a new picture which will be shown only on 15th of May. Yay!

2. 750 USD quest fund

However, we got a plenty of very good news, including that we have found an investors and partners from RatesGuru service. They put a total of 600 usd into the quest prize fund, which now equals 750+ usd (it will depend on the Bitcoin price fluctuations, as usual). Rates Guru analysts help us to develop a network of trust within the dominant Bitcoin communities, many thanks to them!

Current prize fund.

3. Promotion

Till 15th of May, we will extensively promote the Quest. If you want to help, reach out to us with your proposals. We will pay bounties in exclusive pics, inside info and BTC \\ MFC coins – to the authors of the best shock and traffic generating forum topics \\ articles \\ reviews about the Quest.




4. As for now, we’ve managed to drag attention of around 1000 people from accross the globe to the Quest project. Site age is 1 month. All this without paying to the mainstream outlets for pr.

Bitcoin press article:

Thank you guys at Bitsonline for letting me publish the Quest related article with ease and fun!

5. I will be adding new Bitcoin avatars, stickers, wallpapers in near future to the UPDATES section.

6. Soon: a video where I draw the next Bitcoin Quest picture.

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