About the author

My name is Jeff Fawkes, I live in Bulgaria and I fond of promoting BTC, MFC and some other cryptocurrencies. I don’t support ICO, Ether, ”blockchain startups” and other unuseful crap.

Among my ”merits” in the community:

  • More than 200 translated articles in Russian about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies
  • I did interviews with Andreas Antonopoulos, Luke Jr, Roger Ver and other notable people form the crypto underground
  • More than 30 authorial articles in recognized Bitcoin press (in English)
  • More than 30 ”commercial” and ”heart-driven” drawings on the topic of Bitcoin
  • I have successfully gathered 27 BTC¬†in one donation for the first Russian film about Bitcoin (which turned to be a piece of crap, as usual in Russia)
  • I gave away 1.7 BTC on the 2017 New Year on the bitnovosti.com news outlet, when first tried out the Bitcoin Picture Contest idea. It was not my money, but it was my idea, and now it lives on this site.
  • I work for crypto press as a troll-writer:¬†bitnovosti.com, bitcoin.com, bitsonline.com.